Priority Check In

Are you arriving extra early for an appointment? Did you want an early start on your sightseeing? Are you just an early bird? Do you want to get the most out of your vacation by arriving at the top of the day? Then let us make you the Priority Of Our Day by pre-arranging an early check-in.

Guests who do not reserve a pre-arranged custom check-in time will be expected during regular check-in time, from 4:00p-7:00p when I will be here to greet you.

However, guests who do prefer a custom check-in time, Priority Check-in can be easily arranged in advance for those guests who want to check in earlier or later, whatever the reason. You can choose between our most popular options:

Priority Check-in

Think you may find yourself arriving earlier and don't want to wait until 4:00p check-in? Whether or not you know specifically when you'll arrive that afternoon, you can pre-arrange Priority Check-in. You can arrive as early as 12:00n. No need to give us a specific time, I will have extra staff on hand to make sure your room is ready when you want it. And I will be available to check you in personally. Did you book more than one room for your group? No worries. Just let us know. We can still make that happen . . . $50 per room
To confirm your Priority Check-in, email me at

Please Note the Following:

  • If you want to drop off your luggage before 4:00p check-in, Priority Check-in must be pre-arranged. This ensures your possessions can be securely locked in your reserved room.
  • Spontaneously arriving earlier than 4:00p, cannot be accommodated at this time. Priority Check-in should be prearranged if you think you may be arriving earlier than 4:00p.
  • Arriving before 12:00n? You must book your room for the prior evening. Advise of us your scheduled arrival time, and you may arrive as early as 7:00a. We'll even make you breakfast!
  • Because of extra staffing requirements for your request, this option is non-refundable.

Perhaps you have a schedule that can't be rearranged.
Or you get a later than preferred start. Perhaps you can't get an earlier flight. With advance notice, we can arrange a later than normal check-in time.

Late Check-in

This complimentary option is for guests wanting to check in later than 7:00p and by 10:00p, at no extra charge. This is only available if pre-arranged in advance, to ensure someone can be here to greet you. We'll do our best to accommodate last minute notice. However, sometimes we have evening plans that can be cancelled. . . No charge
To confirm your Late Check-in, email me at .

Extra Late Check-in

Extra Late Check-in is for guests planning to arrive later than 10:00p and up until 12:00a. We will have someone waiting up to greet you . . . $50
To confirm your Extra late Check-in, email me at ,

After Midnight Check-in

We understand that occasionally, after midnight check-ins can happen when unexpected travel delays occur. As it requires we provide an extra service to accommodate this situation, there is an additional fee of $30/hour, beginning at 10:00p, if check in is past midnight.
To confirm your After Midnight Check-in, email me at .

Leisurely Late Check-out

Normal check-out is no later than 11:00a. However, would you like a leisurely last day? Or perhaps you have a flight late in the day, and/or want to leave your bags for a later pick-up*? Whatever the reason, you may arrange for a Leisurely Late Check-out. You will be able to keep access to your room, keep your luggage securely locked inside, keep your keys, return to retrieve any luggage, freshen up, etc. Is this a last minute decision? Simply check availability at breakfast. Or even if you forget to check availability and enjoy this option anyway, we can easily add this on at the following rates:
11:00a-2:00p . . . $30/hour
Check-out after 2:00p is billed at the full room rate.
To confirm your Leisurely Late Check-out ad ensure availability, email me at .

Leaving your luggage for later pick-up, outside on the wrap-around porch is complimentary. No notice is needed.

If at all possible, we will try to accommodate your check-in if outside our normal check in times. As this is based on availability factors, the earlier it's arranged, the better. For your best success and to ensure we are here and can be ready for you, you are strongly encouraged to prearrange your custom check-in by emailing me at .


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