Hello and thank you for visiting my web site. My name is Marie Davies. I have been an innkeeper in St. Louis since August 1989. Prior to that, I was a chemist. I welcome people from all over the world, helping them to discover all that St. Louis has to offer and, being 'in the center of things to do', we are ideally located in Lafayette Square, St. Louis’ oldest historic district.

When I first learned about bed and breakfasts in 1982, I remember thinking “What a great combination of cooking, entertaining and living in a Victorian house!” But being newly graduated from college (BS Chemistry) I wasn’t ready to trade my hard earned degree for the completely unknown territory of innkeeping.

In 1987, I got to stay in my first bed and breakfast. The place was dreadful, the innkeeper was rude and she wouldn’t serve me tea. I left breakfast each morning thinking, “I could do this so much better.”

Two years later, in August of 1989, after quitting my career as a chemist to stay home with our first of five babies, I opened my doors of my first bed and breakfast, Parkside Cottage Bed & Breakfast. A few years later, after outgrowing the house both with family and business, we bought our current site and reopened as Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast in April 1993, selling the first site as a private home.

Lehmann House is the longest running bed and breakfast in the St. Louis area, with me as the ongoing owner, these past 25 years. It’s also home to my husband, Brian, and it’s where our grown kids come home to gather on special occasions.

Welcome! And we hope you enjoy your stay.

'Thank you for your warm and generous hospitality. You've made our stay here most delightful!' . . .Lynn & Jimmie, Decatur, TX



By the mid-1860's, Lafayette Square had become the most prestigious residential area in St. Louis. In 1866, Benton Place, the oldest private street in St. Louis, was established and named for the Missouri senator, Thomas Hart Benton, grandfather of the artist of the same name. The home known as #10 Benton Place was originally built for Edward S. Rowse in 1893, a wealthy financier, real estate developer and banker. However, the second owners, Frederick and Nora Lehmann, were the most notable.

Frederick Lehmann was a nationally known lawyer with a long list of both professional and philanthropic accomplishments, residing at #10 Benton Place for 31 years. After his death, it passed through many hands and was in a sad state of disrepair and neglect when rescued by Marie in 1992, almost 100 years to the day, after the original building permit was issued for the construction of the house. Many hours have gone into the restoration of this 20 room, 10,000 square foot Romanesque Revival mansion, the largest home in Lafayette Square, returning it to its original splendor, known as Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast. Marie and her family also call Lehmann House their home.

Some recent renovations include adding a new guest room, Frederick's Room, fresh redecorating throughout the house, and restoration of many of the unique original Victorian details damaged or missing by prior owners. Evidence of the careful restoration of the oak, maple and cherry woodwork can be seen throughout the house.

Lehmann House is located 'in the center of things to do' in St. Louis. Lafayette Square, St. Louis' premier historic district, has many fine restaurants and unique shops. Favorite attractions such as the St. Louis Arch, the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium, Laclede's Landing, the America's Center Convention Center, the St. Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Art Museum, the renowned St. Louis Symphony at Powell Hall, the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and many other attractions are close by. Marie can assist you in planning your activities or recommending the best St. Louis cuisine or click on the red button above to download our free guide, 'The Best Kept Secrets of St. Louis'.