The City Museum

General Information

Allow Children? Yes children are allowed

Allow Smoking? We are sorry smoking is not allowed

Allow pets? We are sorry pets are not allowed

Is there Parking? Yes there is customer parking

Are there Handicap Facilities? Yes there are Handicap Facilities

Enquire about this Attraction

+1 314 231-2489

Name of Attraction = City Museum

Type of Attraction = Museum

Directions = Left/east onto Park to Truman Parkway, north onto Truman Parkway to Washington Avenue, east onto Washington Avenue two blocks to City Museum, just two miles from lehmann House bed

Summary = City Museum is an ever-evolving, always-thrilling, artist-built playground with installations you can climb on, slide don, spin around--you name it! Get lost in twists, turns, tunnels, slides and more in our weirdly wonderful museum of play. Just two miles from accommodations at Lehmann House Bed


Booking Information

Opening Time = 10:00AM

Closing Time = 22:00PM

Adult Price = $20

Children Price = Free

OAP Price = $15

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