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Top Five Family Activities On Easter

Spring is finally here, and 2023 is welcoming an early Easter. While everyone celebrates Easter differently, it’s a perfect time to come together with friends and family to appreciate the birth of spring and the gorgeous weather that comes with it.

If you’re entertaining friends and family this Easter, you may want to spice things up with simple, affordable, family events. These activities include Easter egg decorating and hunting, Easter basket scavenger hunts, do-it-yourself costumes, and Easter brunch.

In this article, I’ll provide five easy and cost-effective activities the whole family will enjoy. Many of these activities center around eggs, symbolizing the birth of Spring and the coming of new life.

Easter Egg Decorating

Easter egg decorating is a fun and classic activity allowing your family to express their creativity with fantastic designs and flair. Our family tries to outdo ourselves with wacky designs until we fall over from laughing.

If you're new to egg decorating, it's best with hard-boiled eggs because they provide a durable surface to work your craft.

The simplest way to dye easter eggs is with food coloring. You can dip the eggs in dyed water or use ear swabs to apply unique designs. If you want to take it up a notch, you can use markers, stickers, or stencils to work beautiful designs on your eggs.

Easter Egg Hunt

One thing to do with the decorated eggs is to use them in an Easter egg hunt, which is especially fun for children. However, if you want to preserve the eggs you made, you can use candy-filled plastic eggs instead. Kids like this better anyway!

There are many different ways to organize an Easter egg hunt, depending on the age and number of participants, the location and size of the area, and the level of difficulty and creativity you want. Below are a few popular ideas:

  • Relay Race: With teams, team members find an egg and bring it back to the next person before they go searching.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Eggs are carefully placed with clues that lead to the next egg in the hunt.
  • Golden Ticket: Fill one egg with a winning item worth 100 points, finding this egg ends the hunt, and the remaining eggs are counted for smaller point values.

Be sure to hide them where the children can find them, but not so easily that they find them all quickly. You may want to hide some eggs in plain sight and some in more challenging locations.

Easter Basket Scavenger Hunt

The Easter basket scavenger hunt is a family favorite that provides fun and excitement to all. I fill and then hide their baskets somewhere on the first floor of the house, including one for myself.

Once the hunt begins, everyone looks for their basket in every possible location. If the person hiding baskets is crafty enough, the search should last 10-15 minutes with up to ten people. This year we will have 12. No areas are off-limits, and individuals who find others' baskets must keep that information hidden.

If 10-15 minutes have passed and people are still looking, the other scavengers can offer hints, as they will encounter other individuals' baskets during the hunt. Prizes are given to the first "kid" to find their basket, whoever finds my basket, and the last person to find their basket. It's such fun watching them trying to find their baskets!

Easter Sunday Brunch (With Cocktails)

Easter brunch is one of the busiest restaurant holidays of the year, and it is a tradition for many families to celebrate brunch after church service. However, another popular option is to skip the waiting times and make brunch for the whole family at home.

You don't need to get too complicated for Easter Brunch. The main thing is to provide plenty of food for all (enough for leftovers!) and stick to the basics. Some of the most popular Easter Brunch foods include:

  • Eggs of any kind, which are largely symbolic of easter
  • Breakfast meats, including bacon, sausage, and turkey bacon or sausage
  • Pastries; scones with honey from our hives are preferred in our home, and any biscuits, muffins, or croissants are welcome.
  • Fresh fruit; you can get creative with fruit parfaits, fruit salad or edible arrangements.
  • Have plenty of juice for the kids and cocktails for the adults. Top drinks for Easter brunch include mimosas, bloody maries, and Irish coffee.

DIY Easter Costumes

Halloween isn't the only time of year you and your kids can dress up. Do it yourself costumes are creative and fun ways to dress up for Easter with your family and friends.

The most common costumes are eggs, bunnies, chicks, and angels, which are easy to make and in theme with the holiday. These costumes are especially fun if there are local parades to participate in. Lafayette Square hosts an Easter hat parade for the ladies (of all ages) in the neighborhood.

However, don't feel limited by traditional costumes if you or your children want to add more festive flair. Crafting is about expressing creativity and making fun for yourself and the whole family and maybe making new traditions.

Written by Creative Copywriter Chris Davies


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