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The City Museum 2024

For those seeking adventure, creativity, and intrigue, the City Museum in St. Louis is a must-visit destination. From climbing through underground tunnels to exploring the hulls of suspended military airplanes, there’s something for everyone of every age to enjoy.

In 2024, the City Museum offers several new attractions to look out for. Key highlights include the “City Nights,” bringing vibrant nightlife experiences with live performers and artwork, the upcycled garden, and later this year, the Fright at the Museum to celebrate the Fall.

The City Museum: Where Everyone Can Play

The City Museum in St. Louis is a unique destination that combines art, history, and adventure to create an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. Originally a shoe warehouse, Bob Cassilly founded the City Museum in 1997 and transformed it into an interactive playground.

The Museum spans four floors and includes indoor and outdoor attractions, such as MonstroCity, a massive outdoor jungle gym constructed from salvaged materials. Visitors can explore enchanted caves, a network of tunnels and slides that weave through the building, and the rooftop Ferris wheel, which offers stunning views of the city.

The City Museum has continuously evolved throughout its history, adding new exhibits and installations for returning guests. Whether climbing through treehouses, navigating a ten-story slide, or petting rare stingrays, the City Museum continually provides opportunities for fun and discovery.

What’s New at the City Museum 2024

This year brings several exciting new attractions and events to the City Museum, especially if you’re visiting during the summer months. One of the standout additions is the “City Nights” series, which includes themed rooftop parties for adults at night. These events include:

  • June 7th, Pride Art
  • June 21st, Crafts and Cocktails
  • July 19th, Paint the Night Away
  • August 2nd, ‘90s Prom
  • August 16th, Neon Dreams
  • August 30th, Summer Send-Off

Another exciting attraction to check out is the Upcycled Garden, running from March through June. This garden showcases creative art pieces made from upcycled materials, highlighting the museum’s commitment to sustainability and artistic expression.

For those visiting near the end of summer, be sure to check out the Fright at the Museum, a fully interactive haunted experience held throughout the City Museum. Witness breathtaking entertainment (including fire breathers and contortionists), exciting exhibits that revolve weekly, and exotic eats and drinks, including the Vampire Bar and the Coven & Cauldron Witch’s Club.

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The City Museum in St. Louis continues to be a dynamic and thrilling destination for visitors of all ages. With its unique blend of art, history, and adventure, it offers an unparalleled experience.

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