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Parking At Lehmann House

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

One of the top three questions I’m asked by guests is, “Where can I park?” Though it may seem like a common question, with a simple answer, it actually has a multi part answer.

The History . . .
You see, Benton Place is a private street. In fact it’s the oldest private street west of the Mississippi, established in 1865. The private street idea was conceived by and designed by the original owner of my house, Edward Rowse. It was named after Thomas Hart Benton, Missouri senator. The Missouri artist of the same name was his grandson.

The Meaning . . .
It’s a unique in that it means that we not only own the land our house sits on but we own the sidewalks, the street and into the middle of the grassy mall that ruins down the middle of our beautiful street. We also own our alley.

The Logistics . . .
On public streets, the city would own the walks, street, common areas and alleys. On Benton Place, we own all of those spaces. In that we own our street, it’s the equivalent to the driveways many of you have—it’s uniquely ours, it’s where we park. Everyone has their space, although how much space varies. I have six lots, 25 feet wide, enough for up to eight cars. Most of my neighbors have only one 25 foot lot, enough for two cars.

When guests ask about parking, I describe how important it is that they park on my property so my neighbors have the parking they need—and own. As my home was built much later than the others and out of brick vs. limestone, I don’t have the white limestone wall that all of my neighbors have. And since I’m the only property without a white stone wall in front of it, it’s easy to see where it’s OK to park.

And the top two questions?
1) Is there WI-FI/What’s the WI-FI code?
2) What time is breakfast?

So when you are planning your stay, check out OUR ROOMS and AVAILABILITY. You can also take a short VIDEO TOUR and get a little bit of the history of each room.