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Featuring the Brand New Guest Room, the Map Room at Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast

Nestled in the heart of St. Louis, Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast has long been recognized for its charming architecture, elegant interior, and warm hospitality. This weekend, a brand new room, The Map Room, will open to guests.

A Brief History of the Map Room

The Map Room originally opened in 1997 as the fourth accommodation at Lehmann House, along with the President's, Maid's' and Sear's rooms. The room featured notable maps of the area, including a 19th-century print of Lafayette Square taken from the book by Compton and Dry, showing an aerial view from a hot air balloon.

For many years, the Map Room was the sole room on the third floor of Lehmann House, offering expansive views of downtown St. Louis, the Arch, and the gorgeous sunrise coming over the river each morning. And to the west, the iconic Anheuser Busch "eagle light" along I-64.

Around 2013, the Map Room became the master bedroom. Frederick's Room and the John Stark rooms being remodeled as new additions to the third floor, for the girls' room and boys' room respectively.

In May 2023, renovations began for the Map Room to update its appearance while keeping the historical significance of the room as a city observatory and place to learn and understand the surrounding geography and topography.

Featured in this room are notes on the wall by the original wallpaper hangers on May 17th, 1893. We surmised that the August 13th, 1912 signatures were added when the Lehmann's had the room repapered. They are now encased in a glass frame to preserve the room and the home's history.

What to Expect at the Map Room

The Map Room will open to guests on September 6th, 2023. For returning guests, it will be an updated and remodeled version of the previous room.

Located on the third floor, the Map Room is warm and inviting with plenty of space, including an en suite bathroom, and a huge walk-in closet, perfect for a bridal suite and changing room during your next wedding or rehearsal dinner.

Additionally, the room features unique maps, both vintage and current, in addition to other Victorian decor within the room.

Additionally, the room features unique maps, both vintage and current, in addition to other Victorian decor within the room.

Another very unique feature is the distinctive tiled fireplace. Many who have seen this and know architecture well have commented that this looks very much like the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright and Lehmann House's architect, Robert Peabody knew each other from working on the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, so it's very possible Wright designed this fireplace, the focal point of the room.

Book a Stay In The Map Room During Your Next Visit to Lehmann House

The Map Room, previously an accommodation at Lehmann House during the 2000s, has been remodeled and updated to provide modern amenities in a quaint and historical Victorian style. With modern updates and additions. You'll find this room to be as unique as it is comfortable.

Don't wait to enjoy the newest room at Lehmann House, as bookings are filling up fast! BOOK NOW to get started. To get the most out of your stay, check out our FREE GUIDE or contact us to learn more about the rooms available and how you can get the most out of your visit at our B&B.


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