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COVID-19: What We're Doing

Saturday, March 21, 2020

The safety and well being of our guests, as well as our staff, is the number one priority for us at Lehmann House.

We want you to know that we remain open and fully operational, and our website is available 24/7 for online booking and inquiries. We will update our website should our situation change. Also, you can follow us on Facebook for further updates.

What exactly are we are doing to help keep you safe during your visits to Lehmann House?

Although we have always prided ourselves on our high levels of cleanliness and attention to detail we have added a few extra measures to help ensure your safety and limit risks.

The recent virus situation has led to a rise in the number of questions about our daily practices and so I thought I would let you into our hygiene secrets.

Things you have probably never thought of:

  • A clean and comfortable bed is one of the most important things during your hotel stay, but do you know what happens to your bedding? Here at Lehmann House, we outsource all of our linen supplies so you can be assured of spotlessly clean bedding and towels. We use a professional commercial laundry company--that means your bedding, from the mattress pad to the duvet, plus all of your towels are boiled washed at over 140ºF degrees, dried at high temperatures and steam pressed ensuring it is as clean as clean can be. You can read all about it HERE.
  • Also, our cleaning cloths, tea towels and other linens are also sent out to be washed professionally on a boil wash, using professional strength products. As we use a different cloth for each task, in each room, you can imagine the mound of laundry we have – sometimes as many as ten cloths per room are used. Times that by the number of rooms and boom! Nearly 100 cloths just from housekeeping!
  • We have always been hyper vigilante when cleaning the common areas, bedrooms and the kitchen. This will continue with a few additons. You may begin to notice the faint smell of bleach. Now bleach is known to kill 99.9% of bacteria but with this yet not completely known virus strain my cleaners and I have decided to introduce additional cleaning measures and products to our germ-killing arsenal. You can read all about that HERE
  • We don't just use any cleaning products found in any store. Being a business, we have access to professional commercial-use-only products. These tend to be stronger and faster acting than those you can pick up at the local store.

In addition to the bleach, disinfectants, and sanitizers already in use, my cleaners have now have a few extra items in their arsenal aimed at ensuring your safety during your stay, as follows:

• CleanPro + Toilet cleaner. This is part of our professional hygiene system and is specially formulated to cling to surfaces longer to remove any hint of germs in toilets (including under the rim) and toilet brushes.
• CleanPro + Washroom Cleaner and Disinfectant. Again part of the professional hygiene system. This is used to disinfect all hard surfaces and not only effectively removes soap scums and other residues but is effective against MRSA. Passes requirements of BS EN 1276:2009 / BS EN 13697:2002.
• New stronger and faster acting antibacterial spray - Clean Pro+ Fast Acting Antibacterial Cleaner & Disinfectant is suitable for any surface. Passes requirements of BS EN 13697. Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds

What other things can pose a risk in your hotel bedroom?

Well it has long been known that light switches, door handles and remotes are germ magnets. These have always been on our hit list when cleaning, along with lamps, alarm clocks, the guest info book—anything your hand may need to touch, and now with the faster acting antibacterials we are confident that these will pose little risk.

Now we all love a cup of coffee or tea either in the morning or when we get back from a day of fun in the town. But how clean are your cups? And other breakfast ware? I know for a fact that in many hotels cups and glasses are washed in the bedrooms and quite often not very well. Here at Lehmann House, all dishes, flatware, cups, etc. are washed in our state-of-the-art commercial dishwashers . These not only clean but also sterilizes anything washed in them.

So what about behind the scenes?

We are vigilante even where you can’t see it. Again we use professional made-for-the-job products and equipment and tried and tested practices for limiting germ risk.

What will happen in the future?

The COVID-19 virus dominates the news, and nothing eclipses it, except maybe the upcoming election. We’re being vigilant and have decided to permanently adopt these additional precautions even after the virus has run its course.

This is an unprecedented time and we are all being updated regularly by the media. All of us at Lehmann House are fully committed to following all government and WHO advice and will update this and other information should our response change in any way.

Easter is around the corner. Spring is beginning to make its way in to St. Louis. It would be so easy for us to stay home and worry about getting sick. But if we all did this, consider how many businesses would close down and the enormous number of people who'd be out of work. Couple this with the loss of human connection that we all need to live happy lives and it spirals downward from there. We want to do our part to prevent that.

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We hope to welcome you soon!