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Check Out Animals Anglow At the St. Louis Zoo this Spring

As the warm breezes of spring sweep through St. Louis, the St. Louis Zoo welcomes visitors with an enchanting evening event known as Animals Anglow. This special occasion promises natural beauty and artistic expression, inviting guests to see the St. Louis Zoo in a new light.

Animals Anglow is a celebration of wildlife, art, and community. Through a series of carefully designed light installations and exhibits, the event highlights the diverse inhabitants of the zoo with gorgeous displays based on traditional Chinese Elements.

Read on to learn about Animals Anglow and other activities near the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park.

What is the Animals Anglow Lantern Festival

The Animals Anglow Lantern Festival is an immersive nighttime event held at the St. Louis Zoo, designed to celebrate wildlife and art through festive lights. As the sun sets, the zoo transforms into a magical landscape illuminated by hundreds of handcrafted lanterns, each depicting various animals, scenes from nature, and traditional Chinese elements.

With gorgeous towering lantern displays illuminating walkways, visitors can take a guided tour of the various habitats and animals at one of the nation’s most popular Zoos.

St. Louis Zoo Location and Animals Anglow Dates

The Animals Anglow Lantern Festival at the St. Louis Zoo occurs from March 13 to May 5, 2024. It takes place from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Wednesdays through Sundays.

This unique event allows visitors to explore the zoo under the glow of 60 magnificent lanterns showcasing animals, plants, and traditional Chinese elements created in partnership with Tianyu Arts & Culture, Inc.

Other Top Attractions Near the St. Louis Zoo

  • Forest Park, home to the St. Louis Zoo, is a hub of cultural and educational attractions. Here are some other top spots to visit during your trip to Forest Park:
  • St. Louis Science Center: This educational landmark bridges fun and learning through interactive exhibits, a planetarium, and IMAX theater, catering to curious minds of every age.
  • Saint Louis Art Museum: Nestled in Forest Park, this museum is a treasure trove of art from civilizations around the globe, housed in an elegant Beaux-Arts building. Its collections span centuries, offering visitors a glimpse into diverse artistic traditions.
  • Missouri History Museum: Dedicated to sharing the stories of Missouri's past, this museum engages visitors with a mix of permanent and rotating exhibits that delve into the state's rich history and cultural heritage.

Plan To Stay AT Lehmann House For Your Visit to the St. Louis Zoo's Anglow Animals

Exploring the vibrant life at the St. Louis Zoo's Animals Anglow and the cultural treasures within Forest Park showcases the rich blend of nature, art, and history that St. Louis offers. These experiences, including the magical evening lights of Animals Anglow, promise both locals and visitors unforgettable memories.

Amid these captivating adventures, Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast stands ready to enhance your visit with its charming accommodations, ensuring a comfortable and enriching stay.

For planning your visit the the St. Louis Zoo and other attractions this spring, plan to stay at Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast, just minutes from the zoo and other Forest Park attractions. BOOK NOW and put in your dates to get started, and GET OUR FREE GUIDE for more information about local events, attractions, and amenities.


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