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Best Fish Fridays in St. Louis

If you're a seafood lover in St. Louis, you're in luck! The city is home to many restaurants and parishes offering delicious Fish Friday menus.

Whether you're looking for traditional fish and chips, fried catfish, or something a little more upscale, there is a restaurant or Catholic Parish in St. Louis that will satisfy your cravings.

This article is divided between parish fish Fridays and restaurant offerings, so you have plenty of options.

Parish Fish Fridays

St. Louis has a rich Catholic history that dates back to its origins as a French Catholic settlement on the Mississippi river in the e early 1600's. Since its foundation, the city has become a melting pot for various cultures celebrating the Catholic faith and has a rich tradition for fish Fridays.

Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church

The Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church offers an authentic Fish Friday with meals served on china in a beautiful church hall just a few blocks from accommodations at Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast.

Food is served from 5:00p-7:30p, with drinks lasting late into the evening. The best part is this Fish Friday is within walking distance from Lehmann House Bed and Breakfast. Plus, the walk there offers a beautiful tour of Southside St. Louis.

Location: 1910 Serbian Drive, 63128
Price: $17 per plate, a la carte and take-out options available

St. Cecilia Catholic Church

St. Cecilia Catholic Church offers the best Mexican style fish fry in St. Louis. They offer their very popular vegetarian menu of Chile Rellene, Bean Tostado, or Fried Cheese Quesadilla in addition to their succulent fried fish.

A variety of Kraft beers are available, or if you’re in the mood, classic margaritas are on offer, too. However you decide, you'll quench your thirst as you dive into their wonderful homemade meals.

Location: 906 Eichelberger St, 63111
Price: $15 per plate, a la carte options available

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church

St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church provides excellent dinner plates for you to enjoy, complete with all the classic fish Friday side dishes.

Their menu is customizable and provides the most food for the price of any Fish Friday in the St. Louis area. This location is in Brentwood, so some of the other options may be closer if you are staying at Lehmann House.

Location: 8732 Magdalen Ave, 63144
Price: $8-15 per plate, Cheese pizza by the slice is available for $2 a slice

Independent Fish Fridays

While area St. Louis parishes offer incredible homemade Fish Friday meals, many restaurants provide buffet-style menus and other meal options that you can enjoy during Lent.

If you’re looking for a dine-in experience on your Lenten Fridays, these are some of the best Fish Friday Restaurant options in the St. Louis area.

SqWires Annex

SqWires Restaurant is a mainstay in Lafayette Square. They always have incredible upscale southern comfort food to check out. In addition to their restaurant, they have a large banquet annex adjacent to their main building for large events.

The Annex is open on Fridays from 4:00p-7:00p offering tons of fish and sides to enjoy. The atmosphere is pleasant, and the plates are plentiful, so be sure to check out their Fish Fridays in the near future.

Additionally, if you're staying at Lehmann House, SqWires is just a few blocks away, nestled in the heart of Lafayette Square.

Location: 1415 18th St., 63104
Price:$13-$17 per plate

Gioia’s Deli

Gioia’s Deli offers some of the best sandwiches in St. Louis, especially at their Hill location, centered in the heart of St. Louis Italian culture. What makes them stand out is that they are hot. The wonderful blend of cheeses and meats are amplified.

During Lent, they offer two spectacular sandwiches. There is their signature King Cod sandwich, featuring fried cod, mac 'n cheese, and Red Hot Riplets on hot cheesy garlic bread, $13. There other Lenten specialty is the Classic Cod, featuring fried cod with your choice of cheese on their classic garlic bread.

If you want an Italian-style sandwich in a classic St. Louis way, be sure to check out Gioia’s Deli in the Hill whenever you visit St. Louis.

Location: 1834 Macklind Ave, 63110
Price: $12-$13 per sandwich

With all the options available, deciding on the best fish Friday for you can be challenging. We hope that covering the best ones in St. Louis will help you with your choice!

During your stay at Lehmann House Bed & Breakfast, Your mouth will be watering at the aromas coming from SqWires Annex or the Serbian Orthodox Church, both within walking distance of Lehmann House. Or visit some of the other Fish Friday menus and let us know what you think.

Be sure to plan your stay at Lehmann House bed and Breakfast this Lenten season. and be sure to enjoy the best fish Fridays St. Louis offers. Check your calendars, then BOOK A ROOM to get started.

Written by Creative Copywriter Chris Davies


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