Buffet at Lehmann House

Special Occasion at Lehmann House

Catered event, 20 guests minimum*

Dessert Buffet
$15 per person, choice of four various desserts
Hors d’houvres
$20 per person, choice of five hearty hors d’houvres
Buffet meal
$25 per person, salad; chicken, pork or beef entrée, with two sides

All food provided options include iced tea, hot tea, coffee and ice water.

Details of menu items will be discussed, once the booking is made. We are happy to take into account the honoree’s favorites, preferences, etc. To some degree, we can accommodate most food allergies, with notice, before the final menu is chosen.

*With valet parking, $100, additional

Site Rental Only

Three (3) hours minimum $300
With valet parking $400*
Additional time $100/hour

Site rental includes assistance with setting up, assistance during the event and clean-up after your event. The time of your event, includes when you arrive to set up and decorate and until the last guests leave the event.

A Little Fine Print . . . Parking

*Benton Place is a private street. Parking is restricted to residents only. My section of parking is restricted to overnight guests staying here. when hosting events, I offer valet parking for groups of 15 or more. The extra fee covers about half the cost and we cover the balance.

If your event does not require valet parking, you would would simply inform your guests there is no parking on Benton Place.

Unfortunately, this is non-negotiable.

Often times, guests don’t understand the profundity of this restriction and don’t seem the harm in ignoring it. But in doing so, they inconvenience the residents of Benton Place by making THEM park around the corner. I respect my neighbors and don’t want that to happen.

If your guests don't take advantage of the valet parking, they will be asked to move their cars and risk being interrupted during the event to move their car, should I be called by an inconvenienced neighbor.

We want your event to be memorable in as many positive ways possible and we understand that this condition of rental may give you pause. We will understand as it’s more important to us that you have the perfect day.