Priority Check-in

Are you arriving extra early for an appointment? Did you want an early start on your sightseeing? Are you just an early bird? Do you want to get the most out of your vacation by arriving at the top of the day? Let us make you the priority of our day by arranging an early check-in.

Or . . .
Do you have a schedule that can't be rearranged and get a later than preferred start? Can't get an earlier flight, or end up on a delayed flight? With notice, we can arrange a later than normal check-in time.


A priority check in can be easily arranged in advance for those guests who want to check in earlier or later than our normal check-in times, whatever the reason. You can choose between our most popular options:


Priority Check-in is based on availability at the time of booking for the same room you've reserved for the rest of your stay. If that room is unavailable, you may choose another room that is available,  for an additional $30, until your room is vacated and ready, so you'll be able to freshen up, nap or just have some quiet time.